current measurement with a current sensor

i m new in embedded system i need to meured the current with a current sensor and arduino and i haveent any idea in this project.
i need help in code
thank you

So how about some details? microamps? milliamps? kiloamps? which sensor? Do you know how often you
need to measure the current? how accurately? Does it need to be isolated?

You must have some idea!

I have used in the past an op-amp either 100amp shunt or 2 0.01r 20w resistors, the op-amp is used in differential mode with a gain of 27.6 to boost the voltage. Then a ads1115 (16bit adc) to display the reading with very good results. I posted the schematic and an excel sheet how to choose the correct values

But like said we need more info in what u want and how accurate you need it and max current