current measurment with arduino

If I use the following circuit to measure current with the arduino am I in danger of frying my arduino if the current spikes?

Say Vcc = 24v and Rs = .01 ohm. If I want the current to be controlled by the arduino using PWM and a transistor to stay around 1A the voltage drop across the resistor would be .01ohm * 1A = .01v. This can be amplified to a range that the arduino can read but what if i get a current spike and the voltage drop becomes higher than expected and then amplified higher than 5v? say to 10v.

I'm trying to figure out a circuit which will allows me to run a stepper at voltage higher than the rated voltage.

I think I got my head around this actually

Vo can’t be any higher than Vcc for the op amp. Worst case the op amp output clips at its supply extremes.