Current OpenWRT firmware version?


I recently picked a set of 2nd-hand Yuns, and was wondering if there was a quick way (i.e. by webportal or by command line) to check the current version of a Yun's firmware.

I quick search didn't come up with answer. Would like to avoid having to upgrade them, if I don't need to.


Hopefully this will help:

Good luck.

Thanks @ShapeShifter.

Do you know of anyway we can determine the date a given yun's image was installed/updated?

I doubt it. You may get lucky and find a modification date on some key files that may give you a clue when the image was installed, but I'd surprised if it would be reliable.

Latest Yun OS version is 1.5.3 and could determine by:

uname -a
Linux Arduino 3.3.8 #1 Fri Nov 14 08:57:34 CET 2014 mips GNU/Linux

Fri Nov 14 08:57:34 CET 2014 is compiled time of Yun OS.

(if I did it, I would compiled it at Sunday and ask overtime pay :stuck_out_tongue: )