Current sensing on a MotoMama L298 shield

Hi all,

I know how to sense current on an L298 h-bridge, but I’m wondering if anyone has done it on the MotoMama shield which uses that chip.

As far as I can see, pins 1 and 15 aren’t brought out anywhere. From the attached pic you can see I managed to attach a small hook jumper thingy onto pin1, but I don’t think that’s ideal. It’s very cramped in there and I’m worried about a short.

Anybody tried this?

Edit… I tried to follow the traces and the pins might go to small resistors along the back. I doubt if these are the current sense resistors though since afaik those need to be in the whole Watt range do they not? (and anyway, they’re also not broken out to hook up to)

IMG-20140612-00038 smaller.jpg