Current Sensing with ACS712

Hi All

being a newbee to electronics, I need guidance please.

Am wanting to add an ACS712 to my system so that I can display the amps used by the system on my LCD screen.

The info I found here : shows 2 capacitors to be added to the circuit.

I think I have the one already ( 0.1uF ) in my box of bits - this one :

Would this be the correct item to use ?

For the other, I have found the following - are they the correct things, and which would you suggest I use ?

option 1:

option 2:

option 3:

Advise please.

You don't say much about your application, but probably any ceramic capacitors will work.

The 0.01u is used to reduce noise on the power supply pin. If you have lots of noise on your board it will increase the error and or noise in the current signal.

The 1nF cap is used to filter noise from the signal. Any of the capacitors you reference will work. The voltage will be well below 50V. The three capacitors have different construction and materials (C0G, X7R) but that is usually only a factor at extreme temperatures.

Avoid polarized capacitors. If they have a + and - terminals they are polarized. Most ceramic caps are not.

Good luck, Steve Turner