Current sensor ACS712 30A

Hello all,

I'm having trouble getting my current sensor (ACS712 30A) to output a waveform when my switched reluctance motor is excited. When the power isn't on I'll get a certain reading and then when the power is turned on and the motor coil is excited the sensor readings seem as though nothing has happened. Ive tried isolating the sensor with just a power supply and it works fine up to 10A, but when attaching the sensor to a phase the motor works but the sensor doesn't recognize the current change. I also want to add that the motor has no magnets.

Possible reasons why;
• Temperature (don't see how this could be a problem because the sensor is rated for 30A)
• The motor coils or type of load (they operate fine)
• Length of excitation time (3 seconds)
• Don't think the type if circuit matters to much (using npn mosfets)

Is this the same sensor and problem you had last month?