Current Sensor ACS712


I am trying to use ACS712 ELC 30 A current sensor with arduino to measure the current up to 60 A. Would it be able to sense this range?

Upto 30A of it - 60A won't damage it I believe, they have a fair amount of overhead.

Chips have datasheets - did you google "ACS712 datasheet"?

Hi, Is the ACS712 already moiunted on a PCB? If so then forget 60A, the PCB layout in my opinion is even dodgy at 30A.

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The ACS756 is a larger package designed for heavy current, BTW.

I have reviewed the ACS712 datasheet but i didn’t found such range. Here it is…

And will try to implement.

ACS712-Datasheet.pdf (643 KB)

A 30A ACS712 has indeed a 60Amp range. + and - 30Amp (for DC currents).

Not for AC (mains) though. AC current range is 60 / 2 * 0.7 = 21Amp.

I think that these sensors are not really safe for (the phase wire of) 230volt AC. Check board/track spacing before you even use them for 110AC. I didn't see any claims that ACS712 breakout boards are safe for mains power. Leo..

Good point - compare the ratings with standard opto-isolators.

For mains use you have to survive kV transient spikes, not just the nominal mains voltage.

Hi, We don't know what current the OP is measuring, AC, DC, high voltage or low.

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