Current sensor

Hello everyone, i have a question on Arduino. I have arduino uno, RC car and i want to gauge flowing current from battery to car. Is there some current sensor, which can gauge current up to 180A ? In the car is regulator
WP-1040. Throught regulator can flowing current up to 180A or continualy 40A.
I want to send data from Arduino to second Arduino with LCD or to PC.
Thanks for help.

Are you sure your numbers are right?

What purpose will know the current support? Current is related to torque in a motor, and also heat. If the car is moving and not burning up, then everything is OK.

You may be able to do what you want easier.

Are you sure your numbers are right?

I am not sure, numbers are here Tomorrow I will try to measure current with ammeter and i will send here values.

If you are working with a small RC car, then your current will only be a couple of amps.

Again, what are you trying to with the information?

Here is a simple sensor from SparkFun for the current you are probably dealing with:

Haven't used it, but it does handle DC.

The RC car is scaled 1/10 and weight is about 2-3kg. With data i want to see current and average consumption, becouse i trying drive +- 1 hour on 2000mAh, with battery and hydrogen fuel cell.

So you need a test bed to figure out battery consumption.

Not worked with batteries much, but I'm guessing these are sealed lead acid batteries. I think you can also measure battery life the the voltage. I'm sure there is a profile out there for a typical lead battery, but I am talking off the top of my head.

Here's a pdf relating battery voltage to state of charge. Might help:

Well, I can suggest you current monitoring controllers which can measure currents upto 70A.
You can go through them and use as per your requirements from the following link:[0]=field_assigned_categories%3A6085&f[1]=field_assigned_categories%3A6601

Also , there is a current sensor but with low range for measurement only.
I hope it helps!