Current sensor

i have to misure the current of a big compressor, but i saw only current sensors that reach max 100A.
Where can i find a current sensor that reach 400/500A?
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You could break one of the motor leads into 5 parallel conductors, and use 5 of these 100 Arms current transformers. They are cheap.

this is a nice solution, but unfortunately i can't do that.

i found this type of sensors:

but how can i wire them to Arduino?

but how can i wire them to Arduino?

What does the data sheet tell you?

Thank you for your reply.
I did a mistake, i need to mesure in AC:

This should be what i need:

And here is the datasheet:

I saw that the output is 0-5V, then i think i have to read this voltage in analogs pin to transform it in a 0-1024 signal. The sensor should have 2 cable, how can i connect them to get voltage value? GND and A0-A5?

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L goes to Arduino GND, k goes to any one of the analog inputs.


I have the last question: how can i measure voltage?
The voltage is AC, so i think i need a rectifier, then a voltage divider. Do i need also a capacitor?
If you know a example project is welcome! ;D

Thank you for your patience :-[

The output voltage of the sensor is DC. Please study the data sheet.

Use analogRead() to read the voltage, with a 5V Arduino. Examples come with the Arduino IDE.

Sorry, I did not explain myself well.

i know how to get the voltage of the sensor, but i want to get the alimentation voltage of the compressor.

For example, to get the misuration of max 220V, can i use only rectifier with diods, capacitor and voltage divider? or i need a module?

Thanks! really useful!

With ohmic loads the current sensors work well. It's getting bad in case of inductive loads (e.g. motors) or capacitive loads. Than you have to now the cos phi (power factor). Otherwise you get wrong current results.