Current shunt like AttoPilot 45A (INA-169 based), but good up to 80VDC?

I'm looking for something like an AttoPilot (TI INA-169 based equivalent) current shunt sensor but at a higher voltage. I didn't think to check the rating on the AttoPilot breakout I have and unfortunately upon hooking it up to a 2A 80VDC motor load it fried.

For context, application is that I need to log somewhat precise current and voltage readings (well.. I suppose the voltage part is optional but a perk nonetheless) to measure current consumption of different breeds of cotton as it passes through a certain component of a processing machine in a mill. The variance is ~50-100mA when cotton is fed versus free spinning and the differences in breeds of cotton are expected to be in the ~5-10mA range.

Any suggestions?

a Hall sensor has some isolation

If I Google "High Voltage High-side Current sense", I get many hits.
e.g. the LTC6101HV seems to do the same as the INA169, but 100volt max.
Couldn't find any HV breakout boards though, so you might have to make one yourself.

Is it possible to use Low-side (ground line) current sensing.
That would only require a current sense resistor.

Adding voltage measurement is easy.
You only need a voltage divider and a cap.