Current state of interfacing with Flash?

And no I'm not talking about onboard flash memory, I'm talking about Adobe Flash. So far I've looked into Arduino2Flash, Serproxy and Glue for interfacing with Flash but so far have found all to be either severely outdated, buggy or does not work on Windows.

Just wondering if anyone had any more up to date knowledge or experience with getting data from and Arduino into a Flash AS3 program. My needs aren't too complex, so I can resort to some other prog if need be, but Flash simply rocks for user interface design Smiley

I don't know anything about Flash or ActionScript coding, but none of the following stuff works for you?:

I find that odd (especially the Firmata-based library - Google Code Archive - Long-term storage for Google Code Project Hosting.)...

Sometimes, if nothing is working, you have to consider rolling your own method; it stinks (especially when you are unsure what to do or where to start), but if that is what you need to do to get it to work, take up the challenge, and attack it with fervor! Then release the library for others to use (with plenty of documentation and examples). Your pain can be their gain...

Good luck on finding a solution...


as3Glue worked for me, but was a pain to get working. Baudrate had to be 115200 nothing else would work. I used tinkerproxy or serproxy with Flash and make sure the com port # is configured. Flash will not talk to Arduino by itself. Other programs will so I am trying to switch from Flash to something else.

Hi h4t
I have been doing lots of work with flash and Arduino recently - mac only - but I might be able to help out. Is there something specific you're having problems with?

If you're on Windows, you can check out my tutorial. I go over pretty much every details.