Current Transformer SCT-013-000

Hi all,

had some success installing a sensor (after battles with a dodgy breadboard) and would like some advice on some interference.

I'm just turning the light on and off in the attached file, I've also noticed massive differences depending on which side of the cable I use, which does make sense as I've seen some people just use the positive or neutral wire.

Any advice on this welcome, thanks in advance guys!

I’m not sure what you are saying above - you do know that you only pass one wire through the CT and not both live and neutral ?

If the live and neutral are carrying different currents, you have a dangerous wiring fault. (or you are
on a ring-main with some dodgy connections).

Ah, that could be the variation then of the signal. I will modify an extension lead and come back to this.

Thanks for your advice, I wasn’t aware of that!

The value doesn’t indicate different currents as such, just a variation in the signal as the sensor moves.

There should be no variation with sensor movement.

It must be the fact I haven't isolated the two wires. I'll do this over the next few days and report back!