I signed up to get notified when the new batch of UNOs come in but, I've heard zip. I really want to buy an Arduino and not a knock off. A lot of Arduino products also seem to be sold out. Anybody know when the new batches arrive?

Some of their resellers might still have stock:

Some of those might also sell clones but I think it is unlikely they sell counterfeits so if it says Arduino on it it should be a real Arduino board.

But I do think it's really sad that so many of Arduino's products are sold out during the most busy shopping season of the year. If people come to the Arduino Store and can't get the board they want they're more likely to end up buying a cheap clone or counterfeit instead. It's worrisome because the whole community really benefits from the financial success of the Arduino company so I don't like to see them missing out on sales.

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