Custom 2560 board: How to use pins unused by Arduino IDE?

Hi together,

I am building a board using a 2560 chip and I'd like to use all pins available on the chip. This apparently means to reconfigure the pins_arduino.h to add the extra pins, which I am (not yet) capable of.

Question(s): * has anyone done this already and could share his pins.h file? * is there any reason not to use these pins?

Thanks in advance! ff

Yes its been done. File has been posted in the forum fairluy recently (this spring?), can be difficult to find.
I have a copy at home somewhere, can post when I get home if someone else doesn’t post in the meantime.

Review data sheet to see which pins have which capability. For example, not all pins support PCINT.

Nick Gammon posted something about a custom board in March but I couldn't find anything in that thread.

It would be great if you could send me the file so I don't have to go through all this myself :) I was wondering if someone ever made a collection of links for all the custom Arduino designs, containing files as this one and for other chips as well.

Cheers ff

I didn’t do the 2560 chip.

You could use various other “custom” boards as an example. Basically you install extra folders inside the /hardware folder. I’m not sure of the exact naming rules.

Something like the Sanguino would be a good starting point.

Try this one.

pins_arduino.h (13 KB)

Pins_arduino_discussion.rtf (470 Bytes)

CrossRoads: Try this one.

I will asap. Thank you so much! Cheers ff