Custom 8*16 RG Dual LED Matrix Shield

So, I've been working for a while on a shield for the arduino that has 2 8*8 led matrices on top. The first version didn't work too well, it was a ratsnest of wires. For v2 I decided to learn to use Eagle. I am proud since it is my first custom PCB! I had it made at BatchPCB, by the way.

Anyway, here's a video. It's not too impressive yet, because I have only written a few sketches to test the functionality of it.

The matrices are driven by 6 595 shift registers, two of which are connected to ULN2803 sink drivers for the rows. Columns are driven through 330 ohm resistors. The reset button is broken out, and there are two jumpers for the Output Enable and Register Clear pins of the 595s. These are so I am able to control these pins thru software, but I can have them default to a value if I want to use the pins.

I'll be updating this as I make progress! :D

So I made a LOT of progress...

I now have a 16 step sequencer that can have customizable patterns!

It has: 4 pots for control: tempo, "cross-fade", cand x and y axis control for a cursor. 1 select button 1 reset button 4 drum sounds: kick, snare, hihat closed and open 4 notes: currently a C minor arpeggio (i think) Amazing 2-bit audio!!!!!!

Two pots are used to move a cursor, and when a button is pressed, it either places a dot (removing another dot if there already is a drum dot or note dot) or removes a dot if there is one in place of the cursor; changing the pattern in real-time!!! A pot controls the tempo; the duration of each step is from 50ms to 500ms. A fourth pot can "cross-fade" the drum and note sounds; in the middle, it plays both, on either end, it plays one.

I'll post a video to youtube when I get a chance.

P.S. do you guys think I should start a new forum topic for the sequencer?

how would i go about getting one of your shields? well just an etched pcb i could get the parts myself

Very cool!

I'm sorry, but I just have to ask! How old are you? From you avitar, you look young. I just want to know that I'm not the only kid (12) that programs Arduino. :P

About getting the pcb:

I used batchpcb to make the board, but I hadn't set up the option where people can buy my board yet. I'll see if I can do that okay? I can't make any promises though. (my parents might not let me) The parts are: 6 595 shift registers 2 2803 sink drivers 32 330ohm resistors (could be smaller) 6 16 pin sockets, with built in capacitor (from electronics goldmine) 2 18 pin sockets Arduino stackable headers (I got 4 8pin ones, then cut them.) Optional: Right angle headers 2 jumpers/shunts (to select either manual control of the enable and clear pins of the 595s) If you don't want this option, just solder a wire between the middle and outer connections.

About my age: Yep, I am only 13. (14 soon this summer)

Ps I haven't gotten a chance to film the sequencer, but I have made an awesome cardboard and hot glue enclosure! I really like the finished product, it really gives a made-this-myself feel. Pps I haven't filmed it yet because I don't have a FireWire cable to connect my dads video camera, and I can't hold it up to my built in iSight camera like I did in the first video.