Custom API endpoints


I have a project with an Arduino Uno R3 Wifi. Currently i am using the following library:

With this library i can address the connected servos by an endpoint. (e.g. /arduino/servo/13/90).

The problem is that there is some latency between two requests, i want to move multiple servos on the same time.

The approach i was thinking of is:

  1. Request to: /arduino/moveleft
  2. Code will execute a method in my code
  3. Move multiple servos simultaneously with the method

Currently i am restricted to a couple API presets (digital, analog, mode, servo).

Does anyone have done something similar?

Where is YOUR code? The sketch you linked to doesn't appear to handle servos at all, but it looks like analogous code that did, you'd just make a new command, and in your handler for that option, have it write multiple servos, not just one.