Custom Arduino Design / Manufacturing needed


I need help in taking my breadboarded arduino based prototype to a full blown custom design. This involves developing an arduino based design, pcb etc, all the way through to manufacturing.

Does anyone know of who can help with this project ?? I'd prefer to have someone in the San Diego area, but i'm open to other locations in the US.


Im not sure of anyone/any place that is local for you...

but there is PLENTY of info right here for you to read and learn ow to do it yourself.

Many have been down this road before...

are there some specific questions you have?


1.) use a pcb designing software (like free version of Eagle), and read some tuts on how the interface works.. (its a bit odd at first..then once you understand/get used to it.. its very nice software to use IMHO)

2.) create the schematic first.. and review or post it for review to ensure (electronically) its sound/ok...

3.) once you are sure the schematic is ok.. you move onto the PCB design aspect.. where to place components, where traces should go..etc..etc..etc.. (if its a minimal Arduino circuit and not much more, and a realistic size, it shouldnt be too hard, and a good first project to get intimate with Eagle)

4.) once done with PCB.. you export your gerber files form Eagle..and send these off to your PCB fabrication house of choice..(few days/weeks later you'll have PCB's in your hand)

5.) if you want to populate/assemble them yourself. you should also get a solder paste mask, solder paste, a cheapie toaster oven from wal-mar...

thats an overview...

I have no idea how much you want to be involved (if at all)...

but you can start anywhere and post with any questions you may have/


We are new to this board and saw post needing manufacturing for a project that you were working on. I know that this was some time ago and the project might be dead, but if you need help, Wilco Imaging is in San Diego. We can take things from concept to fruition.

Let me know if you still need help.


William Corns
Wilco Imaging, Inc