Custom Arduino Uno Program not working


I designed a custom Arduino Uno board referring to Arduino Uno Schematic. My custom Board involves driving a DC Motor with MOSFET, A LED, Seven Segment Display and Buzzer. I use Atmega328p-AU microcontroller

I am able to burn bootloader to my new board using Arduino Uno through ISP.

Problem I face is that when I upload my LED Blink program I don't get any error but my program does not work. I understand that uploading sketch through ISP will delete bootloader, But I think that I don't require boot loader to run my sketch.

as per various resources i red in internet that new controller needs to be first loaded with bootloader to set the Fuses and later on we can eliminate bootloader.

Please suggest if I am correct in my understanding or do i need bootloader to make my sketch work


update - Same tasks if i do in my breadboard, I get desired result. in My custom board uploading of code is ok but no output (blinking of LED)


Apparently your custom board has issues that your breadboard doesn't but you're not providing information of the design or the construction. Unless you provide information you won't be getting any help. Please think about what it takes for someone else to be in your shoes and solve your problem.

Could it be the LED is blinking too fast or not blinking at all? Sometimes, custom boards has some clock issues but not necessarily a problem

No LED is not blinking at all,

Did you try to blink one of the two LED pins? Check your avr port/pin to arduino pin mapping to make sure it's right.

yes, tried to blink both LED's (one after other), but no luck

This should at least bring up the LEDs

	// violet LED
	DDRD  |= 1<<7;
	PORTD |= 1<<7;
	// LED
	DDRB  |= 1<<0;
	PORTB |= 1<<0;


Did you try changing the fuse? Maybe you have it running from the external crystal and it’s not working

If the crystal setting is wrong, then ICSP will not program the chip, without a valid clock source. Usually this indicates reflow didn't work around the bulky crystal. I've had that from time to time in the past. Once a stock chip that runs on internal LC oscillator is programmed to use external crystal, device stopped responding to ICSP programming because a bad reflow near the crystal or on XTAL pins would cause the MCU to not have a valid clock source. Since OP can still program the chip, I think crystal is working. Check if your reset pin is short circuited causing it to be in reset state all the time.

Thanks Liuzengqiang
"Check if your reset pin is short circuited causing it to be in reset state all the time."
This was the Problem, as suspected Reset pin was held low all the time, removed reset switch and it started working
Thanks once again

I have designed my own Arduino UNO using ATMEGA 328P-PU when I connect it using usb to my computer it says USB device not recognised . The IC is boot Loaded. HELP!! I want to test if it's working.

when I connect it using usb to my computer it says USB device not recognised

Did you install the driver for the USB-to-serial chip you used on your custom board?