Custom Atmega32u4-mu - sketch upload issues


I need help. Create a custom Arduino Board with Atmega32u4-mu to use with Corsair Icue Node Pro, trying to load either Sparkfun Pro Micro / Arduino Micro / Arduino Leonardo. Running into different issues when tyring to flash with different bootloader as well as loading sketches.

Below is the schematic of the board as well as BOM. Input is always 5 volts.

Since I have less issue with Windows Machine, so walk talk windows only.

  1. Bootloader upload seems to be fine via another Arduino Nano. More challenges are found with Sketch upload.

Arduino Micro Bootloader:- COM keep jumping in and out of bootloader mode. Try reset button twice does not work.

Sparkfun Pro Micro:- Can. not upload Butterfly issue

Leonardo Bootloader: Can upload sketch but only once. After that need to do bootloader again.

Will post all results of the upload later when I got back home.

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