custom baud rate in serial monitor?

Hi All, I'm trying to interface the Arduino to a device with a 250Kbps baud rate, and display the results in the serial monitor in the Arduino software.

Is there a way to set the Serial Monitor in the software to 250000bps?

Thanks for the help!

by the way, from searching I found this thread: but I didn't see any resolution there.

Can you use Hyperterminal or some other terminal program? Does it have to be the serial monitor? If you havent played with this its easy, just exit the Arduino environment then start Hyperterminal.

Ocasionally you may have to unplug the Arduino, when you switch back to the development environment to reset things. Just make sure you dont try to run Hyperterminal and the development tool at the same time....

It looks like Hyperterminal only suppports 230k, but this may work OK. The Arduino uses the identical registry settings for 230400 and 25000. Its sure worth trying.