Custom BOOTLOADER - encrypted or dependent for one MCU

Hi boys, I use arduino UNO and I need bootloader which can load only specific HEX for this bootloader. My customer will be test some firmware on his place and I don´t want sent to his hands finally version of firmware.

So, can I make some updates on bootloader (implement serial number, or other change), which make my HEX unusable on other arduino MCUs?

Many thank for some tips,


i dont think something like that exists, hardware based encryption like what is windows 8 going to do with BIOS
isnt realy part of arduino, there is no encryption inside the core of this micro controller.
maybe in the future when AMD buldozer chips arive for arduino… but thats a far future, that might never be

one option might be to write something to the flash part and then change it so a key to start your program could never be used twice.
But still its not real encryption, and some real clever people might find a work around by hacking the device (is your custommer like that?)

Maybe you shouldnt try to tackle the problem this way; instead you should show a demonstration and make it a take it or leave it deal.
But dont give it completely out of your hands yet.