Custom Decor Similar To Big Mouth Billy Bass

Hello all,

I am looking to create a custom decor for my mother. Years back she had a Sun/Moon electronic battery powered wall decor that sang Johnny Nash's "I Can See Clearly Now The Rain Has Gone". I have searched the whole world wide web and cannot find this damn decor wall art so I am here trying to create one.

I have been looking into buying an Arduino Uno to transfer the song onto, but I need help with the rest of the bits, connecting a small speaker similar to the billy bass product.

What speaker to go with, how to run power to the ardiuno uno, how to program the file onto the arduino uno and any other information I am missing.

I have never endeavored on a project like this before, so please excuse my programming ignorance. Any and all help is appreciated.

  • Wilkie

Uno by itself can't do it, not enough memory.
Uno can control DF Player or DFPlayerMini to have it play the song from as SD card.

There are other MP3 player modules also, and a small Promini can control a player as well.

Yeah, search for "Arduino audio shield". Adafruit and SparkFun are generally good suppliers for things like this but I haven't carefully looked-at their products.

The audio board (shield) does virtually all of the "work" and the Arduino just acts as a controller. Most of these boards will work without a microcontroller but if you want to play more than one song the Arduino makes it easier, and it probably easier to integrate a motion sensor if you have an Arduino.

There are a few boards that can directly driver a speaker. Most of them require an additional amplifier.

...I to laughed when I saw "decor" and "Big Mouth Bass" in the same sentence. :smiley: