Custom library compiling error

I am trying to follow the instructions on
I downloaded the HX117 library from link provided and uploaded the zip file to the web editor. It shows that the library was uploaded successfully. I then try to compile the sample code and it says that there is an error - HX711.h No such file or directory

What can I do?

I downloaded the library you linked to and used the examples it contained and it compiled just fine for a UNO.

What board are you compiling for ?

same problem here...:frowning:


Are you using the exact same library ?

Did you import it into CREATE ?

Which board are you using ?

If in doubt about what information would be useful to get a better answer read the posts at the top of this section of the forum.


Just tried AGAIN and it imports just fine and both examples work, but JIC its a name issue remove the word "_master" from any directories in the ZIP and don't forget it must be ZIP and not some other form eg. RAR etc.