Custom Logos with OSH Park

I have an issue with OSH Park where custom logos will not render on their site. I know they have a 200 DPI printer and have tried numerous methods without success. I know it can be done.

Has anybody had success with OSH Park and custom logos?
What have you done that was different than the tutorials plastered over the net?


I've put oshw logo on some pcbs with no problem. Are you making you own gerbers, or sending a .brd file? If the latter, have you moved your logo to one of the standard silkscreen layers?

I've tried both Gerbers and .brd files. I am putting the logo on layer 25 (tNames). I'm pretty sure I am missing something simple. Like I said, I can create the logos of different sizes, I just can't get it to render with OSH Park. I have also checked the Gerber with a Gerber viewer and they show fine.. I have tried lower the rez on the bmp file, but it still makes the tiny rectangles. I need tot find a way to lower the rez that is generated.

I am in contact with OSH Park, but they don't know either. I did find out that they use 300 DPI printers, not 200.

Which tutorial have you been using?
Got a sample .brd file and .bmp image?

(Come to think of it, the OSHW logo isn't a good example, because it's drawn in vectors rather than as a bitmap.)

I think I’ve pretty much seen all the tutorials.

This shows up alot with Google -

I’ve also used 2 different methods for creating them, first is the stock script, import-bmp.ulp and the second is a 3rd party script, bmp2eagle.exe.

Attached are the files.

test.brd (303 KB)

Endeavour Logo (1).bmp (286 KB)

Hi codlink.
back here Eight LED array - #5 by Pedro147 - Exhibition / Gallery - Arduino Forum you encouraged me to have a go at Eagle and professional PCB manufacture and recently I got my first boards done at Iteadstudio as described here Eagle symbol - Bar Sport - Arduino Forum Anyway getting to the real point, the other week I started doing a bi of research on how to put a simple graphic onto my next PCB. Like you I came across bmp to eagle. I managed to size my logo down to how I wanted it, but have yet to incorporate into a PCB design. So I am just wondering if you resolved your problem with OSH Park.
Thanks and Merry Christmas Pedro.

No I haven't actually. I did email Laen and he said to send him the image which I did. But nothing further came from it. I know that I ordered a board with logos on it and came back fine. It might be just their rendering on the site is bugged. But try it at your own risk..

Thanks and glad to hear that it eventually worked for you

It might be just their rendering on the site is bugged.

I would expect this to be the cause. The fact that they do ANY "instant rendering" is pretty amazing; I would not be surprised if it missed some of the finer possibilities.

This was my thought at first. But I have made several boards with logos and if they don't render on the site, they will not be added to the physical board.

I have the same problem