Custom mega schematic - will it work?

Hi, guys I just finished schematic of my custom arduino mega board, I would like your opinions and critics and what to improve, will the schematic work, what to change?
I’ll use it as rfid access control, Build-in features are:

  1. USB connectivity
  2. oled(I2C) for displaying data
  3. sd card to store tags
  4. buck convertor input 12V to 5V (will use separate one from ebay)
  5. prog header ICSP


I see 3 relay coils driven directly by output pins. What is the relay coil current? Most relay's coil current is more than an output pin can safely supply. Those relays should probably have transistor drivers. In fact, maybe the relays can be replaced by MOSFETS?

Don't wire the MISO line through the level shifter chip. Wire MISO directly from the Arduino to the SD card. A 5V input will read the 3.3V signal fine and the MOSI line will be handled properly so other things that you might add to the SPI bus will be able to work right.

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Just looked the relays datasheet coil resistance is 0.5k no issue here mc will handle them fine(I=10mA), but wiil change them with N mosfet because they are too weak must switch 1A 12V... Third relay will be as it is no load there and i need dry contact simulating push button (commutate neutral of 230AC for 1 sec to activate lights timer)