custom multi-track mp3 player

Hi all,

I've got an idea for a build but for the moment I've got no clue where to start, or even where to start searching. I'm guessing it can be done with Arduino as the development platform.

I'd like to make a music player that can play max. 4 tracks simultaneously, with the possibility to mute all 4 tracks individually. Basically, I'd like to use 4 toggle buttons, where all 16 combinations are possible. For the moment I'm looking for a solution with a 'hard-coded' series of .mp3's (or .wav, or whatever format).

For example:

Where all tracks are exactly the same length.

Is there somebody that could help me get to an approach?


Sure - use 4 MP3 modules:
Either talk to all 4 serially (TX in parallel to all 4) or use 4 that have pin-select control of a track and select all 4 in parallel.