Custom PCB Bare Header Pin

I need to add a couple basic pins to my PCB design for an Arduino project of mine. I think what I am looking for is called a header pin, but what I want is a pin without the black plastic part at the base.

I am using EasyEDA to make my design, my design is currently using a normal header pin. I have tried looking up a "bare header pin" but I am failing to find anything useful. It seems to me like a basic thing, I am probably missing something obvious.

What I am wanting is like the 5 pins on the PCB shown in the image below:

Those appear to be just tinned round wire leads.

Yeah. They are not actually leads on any component. The were installed independently to be used like a pin-header, but lower profile. I cannot figure out how I can add something like that to my part (no appropriate component is coming up when I search for "wire lead"). (I am wanting to use JLCPCB SMT Assembly.)

Use a “ via “and make the hole size suit

Or make a THD single pin component like a test point.

I would use header pins from a breakable 0.1" male header. The plastic bits slide right off with a little effort leaving the pin.

yep.. what @groundFungus said. Just use these and slide the plastic bits off.

Thanks for the advice! Great idea, that should work.

And note that you can slide the plastic off after soldering - it tends to loosen in the process.

Leaving it on to solder makes it easier to hold the pins straight.

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