Custom Power Cable

I am creating my own power cable and wanted to run my thoughts past everyone to make sure I am not missing anything.

I have an old HTC USB charger that I want to use (5V---1A). I need the cable to run about 10 feet so I am modifying the cable. I have already spliced in the longer run and am measuring 5.2 volts consistently. The question is how to connect it to the Arduino on the other end.

My initial thought is to splice a USB type B connector on the end and just plug into the USB connection on the Arduino. I have a barrel connector I can use as well. But from my reading, it appears that if you are using the barrel connector, or the Vin, you need at least 7V to have the board running at 5V.

I guess my main question is whether I should be concerned about the power consistency from the HTC charger and well as other potential concerns when running my own power through the Arduino's USB port. Does it have similar power conditioning hardware as the other power input or am I risking frying my board? I would think the HTC wall wart would be fairly well made.

Thanks for the help.

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