Custom project urgent

Hi, we have a small
Project based around a Mega2560 chip using this PLC- FA-DUINO-24RA - Industrial Arduino PLC - 16 Inputs, 8 Relays, 8 Analogue -

Below is what we require:

What I need to do is get the digital inputs to activate the output relays, but in specific ways. Basically:

D-IN 01- Runs program (momentary trigger)

D-IN 02- Stops program (momentary trigger)

D-IN 03- Selects Relay 01

D-IN 04- Selects Relay 02

D-IN 05- Selects Relay 03

And so on… up to D-IN 10- Selects Relay 8

In the. Program ‘RUN state, either one of the Digital inputs 3-10 enable their respective relay as I have showed above. However, these are selected by momentary ‘high’ on the input. The relay should then stay energised until:

D-IN 02- STOP Program is triggered


One of the inputs between 3-10 are selected, which will in turn activate their respective relay and de-energise the previous one.


‘High’ on D-IN 11. whilst this remains ‘HIGH', it should stop the program and not allow the program to be restarted, until it goes ‘LOW’

Think of this basically as a ‘output selector’ where only one relay can be energised at anyone time.

I need this doing this week if someone can come to me with a quote


Hi Alex

The logic is very well explained. It will be a pleasure to put it into code. However i need some clarification- by D-IN-01 to D-IN-11 do you mean the pins available -- as in 30 - 45 as per datasheet?

Some programmers , like me, might think that it actually means D1 to D11 GPIO pins... and start raising concerns about using D1 which is also serial Tx0

Hi did you get this sorted

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