Custom Readout Display2 on Digital Callipers

Hello All,
I am very impressed with the Arduino products and I would like to incorporate the compatible products for my project. Here is the complete project information.

Objective: To display a preset digital readout (Display2) corresponding to the measured dimension on the Vernier callipers (Display1). The digital readout display shall be added on the callipers, as an attachment and shall utilise the callipers battery.
Please help if you have any suggestions or advice.
Lokeswar Panchala

How are you getting the data from the calipers? Do you have a set with some sort of electrical interface?

Hello Crossroads,
Thank you for the reply.
I have a block with 0.375" thick that was divided into 25 divisions and each division measurement is shown on the digital callipers display and those measurements were as shown in column 1. Now, I wanted to display a corresponding column 2 number instead of a measurement dimension. I am looking for an interface and display where I can program a constant data and get an output as a number on another display. I want it to be attached to callipers itself.

Doing the lookup from one set of data to another is pretty easy.
I don't know how you're going to read the caliper display tho.

Maybe you can modify yours:

The cheap digital calipers usually have a serial data output hidden inside them. I don't have any references for where to go, as it depends on which country you're in.

Dear CrossRoads,

i can read the data using various devices. Like this one - Data-Scribe.

But, after reading the data, how I can make it look up from the constant non-linear data table and return me the output? Any thoughts?