custom short USB cabling

I am working a number of projects that employ Arduino Nanos mounted deep inside enclosures.

I wish to expose the Nano's USB bus to the exterior of the enclosure via a standard USB-B (female) connector, just like the one that the Uno has.

The way I am currently doing this is physically cutting a standard USB "mini" cable and soldering the exposed wires to a USB-B connector mounted on a custom PCB. So the intact end of the cable is plugged into the "mini" port on the Nano and the other end -- the one with the soldered connector -- is mounted in a hole in the exterior.

These cables take me a relatively long time to make and are not very pretty. Does anyone know of a resource who would custom make these cables? (And not for $50 apiece! I'm hoping for more like $5-7.)

Many thanks,

Mikal Hart

Something like this?

What about the cables used in normal PC’s to get an USB from mothernboard to a frontpanel? There are plenty of old PC’s on scrapheaps…

@CodingBadly: Yes, something similar to that, but preferably not $13 apiece. (I’m having difficulty with a relatively simple cable that costs 30% of the costs of the electronics.)

@robtillaart: What I need is a cable that mates with the Nano on one end. I thought about those motherboard-style cables, but they don’t have the correct connector. (I don’t think it’s easy to access the Nano’s USB signal path without going through that connector…)