Custom voltage of output

Hello Arduino-ers,

This may be the wrong forum, if it it please correct me.
I am trying to work with LEGO components from the Arduino. I have found this explanation of the LEGO Mindstorms connector cables - and it says that one of the wires inside the cable needs to be connected to a 4.3 volt power source.

From what I know of Arduino, the regular power pins are 5V and 3.3V. Is there a way I could get a 4.3 volt output, whether in the Arduino language (ideal) or through hardware connected to the Arduino?


4.3v is a strange value to use. I suggest checking genuine Lego documentation to verify it.

If you really need it then you could use an LM117 variable voltage regulator to produce it. I don't know if there is enough headroom between 5v and 4.3v for it to work from the Arduino's 5v pin. You might need to feed 6v (or more) to the LM117.