Customer Support

Hi all,

A question on contacting customer service. Arduino's contact form is currently out of action (Submit button does not work). Is there an alternate way to contact the Arduino team?

I have recently bought (Aug. 2021) an Engineering Kit Rev. 2 and I am having issues with the GoTeck supplied Servo Motor in that it basically does not function. The problem lies within the gearbox really and is a manufacturing fault.

If anyone knows how to get in touch please let me know!!

Many thanks.

Hi @abrook83. I just tried it and was able to submit the form without any problems.

Please try it again in case it was only a temporary issue that has already gone away. Make sure to fill in all the fields. It won't allow you to submit the form if there are missing fields.

Thanks, I have tried again successfully. You're right it seemed only a temporary issue.

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