Customising ESP-01 to expose the GPIO16 pin for DeepSleep

I have watch video on connecting GPIO16 to rst pin but try as I may I keep messing up the tiny connection on the chip on the ESP-01. It would seem to be a simple thing to add a pad to that pin to make it easier to attach a lead (not that I really know :slight_smile: ). I was wondering if there is source file somewhere that would allow me to add this to a Gerber file, enabling me to order my own customised board?

I attempted designing one from scratch but that got a bit too tricky.

Failing the above I will just have to work on my soldering technique.

Why use the ESP-01? It's not good for very many applications other than when you need only two GPIO's.

Get yourself some ESP-12-modules, or even Wemos D1 Mini for a complete board. Cheap as well.

// Per.

I love using the ESP-01 as it allows me to make small, compact and simple switches. But yes if I just can't attach the wire I will go with the other boards :slight_smile:

Four GPIOs. :roll_eyes:

Small ? Look for ESP-M3, as small as ESP-01 , more GPIOs, ok for deep-sleep and breadboard friendly.
ESP8285 inside w 1MB Flash

At least it's a pin that is on the corner, i think if you use a lightly tinned bit of solid copper wire, and heat that up with an iron, you should be able to connect it. If the solder on the board doesn't melt, add a tiny bit of solder to the leg, or make sure it has melted once already. You do need a magnifying glass i suppose.

There are other 8266 based modules with more GPIO that are smaller than the -01, for example the ESP-03.

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