'Customizing' pins_arduino.h file

I’m using a Sunfounder atMega2560, Sunfounder Ethernet Shield, and a TinySine RS232/RS485-TTL Shield for my project. The TinySine offers a “UART - Soft Serial” switch that can either connect Pins 0 & 1 or Pins 2 & 3 to the RS232 or RS485 connection (depending on that switch placement). My preference is for a ‘clean’ look without patch wires running from Pins 18 & 19 on the Mega to Pins 2 & 3 on the RS232 Shield.
I would like to be able to utilize Pins 2 & 3 as Serial1 in my program and place PWM2 & PWM3 to Pins 18 & 19 (since I’ll never use them).

Has anyone modified this file before and defined your own pin layout? If so, what exactly gets changed so someone doesn’t brick their card?


pins_arduino.h (13.4 KB)