Cut 8x32 led dot matrix panel , is this possible?


I have a settup of a dot matrix for my pinbab . But i think i messed up my 8x32 dot matrix .
See photo , there its broken on the back .

My question is , can i for example remove there 8 lines on this spot . If yes . How , i can't seem to find any info .
I bought this panel from alixpress , and there i read every led can be cut out .

I first want to see if i can fix it myself . Otherwise i need to buy a new one .

Kind regards

What a question!

You have set yourself a major task. The black resist will in itself make things difficult, both in determining the connections and performing the actual soldering. It is perhaps possible, depending oh how much damage you caused.

Notwithstanding the suggestion on the website, cutting one of these panels is a very bad idea! You would generally presume to sacrifice a pixel on each cut edge in the process in order to de-solder it and use the solder pads to make your patches.

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