Cut end off wall wart?

I don’t have a barrel jack connector-- would it be okay to cut the end off this wall wart?

Should I cut above or below the large cylinder thing? (What is the cylinder?)


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Do you want to use the plug or the power supply?

If you do want to cut it do so between the cylinder thing and the plug - leave enough wire on both ends so they can be used if needed. AFAIK the cylinder thing is a surge suppressor.

I you just need to connect wires to your power supply you can buy a small gadget with a socket and two screw terminals so that there would be no need to cut anything.



I want to use the power supply.

I realize I can get one of these:

But I don't have one and I would like to start using the wall wart now...

Brayd: Should I cut above or below the large cylinder thing? (What is the cylinder?)

It's a ferrite core. It is like introducing a relatively large inductance into the cable. Relatively large inductance presents relatively high impedance to high frequency signals that might come from whatever device is being powered by the power supply. If high frequency signals get into the cable, then those signals can result in noise that can potentially impact (negatively) the operation of other devices. On the internet, look up electromagnetic interference (EMI), radio frequency interference (RFI), RF choke. This ferrite core (cylinder thing) is deliberately placed as close to the device (being powered) as that signals don't get into the bulk of the cable, where the bulk of the cable could otherwise become an antenna for which unblocked high frequency signals could be transmitted into the air. This cylinder thing blocks the high frequency signals (if there are any).... preventing them from getting into the bulk of the cable.

Just remember to unplug it from the wall before cutting. Or wear safety glasses 8)

I would try to keep the ferrite core on the cable, but it's pretty close to the plug so I may choose to keep the core attached to the plug, with an appropriate length of cable I can attach to in the future. Keep the plug. It will be useful some time in the next 5 years, so long as you leave enough cable length.