Cuttable project boxes?


Ive been using project boxes from Jameco, and I'd like to be able to cut into them to mount toggles and buttons. But I find the plastic difficult to cut, and impossible to do so with any precision. I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a project box that is easy to cut yet strong enough to provide support for the toggles and buttons?


Can you point to the boxes you have been using so far ?

Maybe you should make boxes out of plexiglass, which is easy to work with..

I use Really Useful Boxes. Easy to drill clean holes with a Unibit (step drill), work holes with a box cutter.
Removable, see thru lids with latches. Put a screw thru a hole in the handles if you don't want them removed.
Different colors if you want.
Not brittle & easy cracking like many clear plastic cases.
Easy to obtain.
Couple examples:

CrossRoads, those look great.

Thanks all for the replies!