Cv/Gate for Input


I'm on my first steps discovering Servo Motors. (I use micro Servo Waveshare SG90 & Arduino UNO)
As you can imagine, I start using a simple code of controlling the position of the motor with a push button (or tact switch as you may call it)
e.g. :
button = High ---> go here
button = low ---> go there

I was wondering if I can control this kind of motion with gate singal from a modular synth.
Gate signal from modular synth in most cases produce 0-5V, in a selected period of time (from 500μs pulse, to an infinite state at 5V).
So, the goal is to achieve a "switch" input (that goes from 0V to 5V), controlling the angle of a servo - just like the tact switch made by hand)

2 newbie queries :

  1. If I plug the signal directly to my Arduino UNO (A0 input) will destroy my arduino?
  2. Could I use "analogRead" function or should I have to convert the signal from analog to digital?

Hope my queries are clear to you

Thank you in advance

You're perhaps confusing things. A gate signal already is digital. It's usually on (5V) for the duration of a note then off (0V). The CV signal on the other hand is analog, varying from 0-5V depending on the note being played.

So if you just want the servo to go to one position when Gate is high (note on) and a different position when Gate is low (no note) then you just connect the Gate signal where the existing button was connected.



Thanks for the reply Steve.
Ok. I just try it and it worked of course!
I just checked that the gate signal doesn't exceed 5V.

This is amazing!
Now I will try fluctuating CV at Analog Input of the Arduino.

Probably I will come back here if any queries will born.


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