CV input to Arduino

:)Can anyone tell me if it’s safe to connect the CV output of a synth directly to the analog inns of the Arduino? The voltage range would be 0-5volts! There seems to be lots on the forums about generating CV output from the Arduino but nothing about the Arduino accepting it and then converting it to midi which is what I’m hoping to do! Thanks :slight_smile:

If it in the 0 to 5V range it’s safe.

I do of course not know your synth, but some modules in my (homebrew) synth like the LFO ha output higher than 5 volts.

You might try to meassure the outputs from all the modules you plan to hook up, also make sure there are no voltages below 0V. Just to be on the safe side.

Just to be on the safer side why not add some catcher diodes:-

Thanks guys! :slight_smile: Thanks Grumpy_Mike! I took a look at your tutorial and was amazed at what I shouldn’t take for granted!!! Concerning Midi, do you think I can just map the CV input values to Midi output? Will they show up as typical analog input values?

Analog read will return a number in the 0 - 1023 range for an input voltage in the 0 - 5V range.

You have to come up with a mapping scheme.

But if your synth is the typical 1 Volt / octave it shouldnt be too difficult to do the math.

Another thing you should take in to consideration is that the readings you get from analogRead is probably not going to be rock steady, so they might change a bit from reading to reading even if you do not cahnge the CV. You can deal with that by taking a bunch of readings and then calculate the average, before you convert it to a MIDI note value.

Excellent MikMo!! Thanks a bunch!! :slight_smile:

quick note:

check Arduinos map() function, might come in handy.