cw/ww ledstrip


I’ve just purchased this 12v cw/ww led strip CCT LED Strip Dual White Warm White & White 2 in 1 Chip 5050/5025 Led Tape Color Tem Ajustable DC12v/24V Waterproof 60 /120leds|LED Strips| - AliExpress
No idea how to drive it with an arduino. I need some help.
What library, what is the pinout?

Why not buy LEDs you know has an Arduino library?

Those are non addressed 12v/24v leds, supply voltage to the 12v pin, and pull down r/g/b with mosfets to light that colour.

I offer this board with 8 N-channel MOSFETs to sink lots of current in non-addressable strips.
Here it is controlling 8 strips with 12 LEDs each.
I don't have the strips turned for best viewing, still working on that. Have Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, 2 of each, playing with the final mix, and getting sections of each where all LEDs work. Cheap strips, not all LEDs work.

I set the board to be used in different ways - Arduino driving the MOSFET gates directly, Arduino driving a shift register to drive the gates (pictured here), 74ACT241 to drive the Gates so 3.3V devices can drive the board (need 5V to power the '241).

Shift register uses least pins to drive 8 MOSFETs.

Cheap strips, not all LEDs work.

That's pretty cheap all right! :astonished:

Thank you for the offer. But I need a small solution and have very few space in the case.
Thank you for the info, I know now how to proceed!

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