cyclical usb-bulk transfer


my name is george and i am new to arduino. i have some question about programming on my ardunio uno r3 board.

i'm trying to implement a bidirectional cyclical usb-bulk transfer, where a certain process image is exchanged between my arduino board and a normal win7 personal computer.

looking at the arduino software, i only found HID examples - is it possible, to do a bulk transfer as described above?

regards, george

You can do serial communication using USB. I have used Processing to send data to and receive from a Uno.

some code examples would help me a lot. are there any available?

This processing code reads, from the serial port, 4 float values from 3 accelerometers and a compass and splits out the readings in(x,y,z,heading) to an array. The data is delimited by spaces and ends with a linefeed. ex. 3.121 4.333 1.247 240.0 Sent from Uno by Serial.print(x); Serial.print(" ");…Serial.println(heading);

void getAccel() { 
  while (myPort.available () == 0);
  while (myPort.available () > 0) {  // If data is available,
    myString = myPort.readStringUntil(lf);
  if (myString != null) {
    str = split(myString, ' ');
    for (int n=1; n<7; n++) {
      accel[n] = float(str[n]);
    for (int n=1; n<7; n++) {