czlling funtions rndomly; possible?

Hi everybody. I have a bunch of functions in a sketch and Id like to call a few of them randomly. No idea at all, help please

void loop()
int chosenFunction=random(0,numberOfPossibleFunctions);
switch (chosenFunction)
  case 1: 
  case 2: 

    //Etcetera etcetera etcetera....  (Random "king and I" reference)

    Serial.print("Eh?  Just been told to ");

what is the goal of your project?

just curious

It is possible, select randomly a pointer from a table. In this page they are called 'callback' functions, but it is the same :

But in most cases there is no need to call randomly a function. A random integer and some code that does different things will do just fine.

Thanks, Ill try and report back later.

Robtillaart; I made a 3 led cube and wrote fnctions based on X, Y, Z basis so I can display all columns, X rows, Y rows, 2x2 cubes and others which I cant describe ( more coming ) Id like to see it displaying random functons before I build a bigger cube. It sould be easier but I dont have enough experience writing code. More on INSTRUCTABLES KYLETHECREATOR. If youre interested I can share.

Well the switch/case works and the cube runs fine Thanks a lot.