D Sub Connectors

I'm developing a board with one of the components being able to control 8 channels of LEDs separately. Originally I had used D Sub connectors to connect the LEDs to my board. With a channels, I have 16 signals, 2 for each channel. (+ and - for each channel) So I need 16 pins. Since There's a 15 pin D sub and a 25 pin D sub, but no 16 pin d sub, I've been going with the 15 pin, but I know there has to be something smaller.

I've seen some hints that on top of the 15 pins in the 15 pin d sub, there's also a "ground" signal in the housing. I was curious if this would work as my 16th signal and would it require a special cable?

It is possible, although not very nice, it will work.
Can you combine all ‘+’ and ‘-’ ?

They have to be seperate since each channel is being dimmed separately by meanwell ldds. They don't make something like a d sub with 16 pins do they?

Even if they are separately dimmed, you should be able to use either a common + or a common - side .

I don't think you can. I remember when I first started playing with these trying something like that and they wouldn't dim. I think it's something with the meanwell drivers.

Do you have to use a D sub? Can you use ribbon cable and IDC connectors?


I guess I could, but I don't think it would be secure enough. The cable is going up along a stand to the light over an aquarium so it's slightly exposed. I'll have to rethink my setup, see what I can do.