d.tools firmware

has anyone tried this d.tools firmware: http://hci.stanford.edu/dtools/arduino.html

it seems to be the hard way to get OSC control messages in/out the arduino... or, is there another way to get them?



I haven’t tried it, but I would be interested to learn more about it. Is their firmware source available anywhere? Also, I would be very interest to hear more about the serial reliability issues at 115200.

Hello Hans

I think it is..

I've developed a Firmata-Like protocol for a project i'm working on... funnily enough at 9600 baud seems more responsive than at 115200 ... the USB driver is messing up quite a bit

I'm making an experiment with the D2XX drivers to see if they are more performing

but if it's too much fuss i might just use a HID protocol...


I have been doing some basic tests also. I just have the arduino echoing back each byte. It does seem to be glitchy, but it does run fast. I'd be interested to see what kind of tests you are running and the results.

I think that HID is the way to go in the future because of the driverless installation. But I think that wouldn't be possible using the FTDI chip to do USB-serial. I think it would have to be with the atmega-usb. As long as Arduino is still a USB-serial device, I don't think implemneting HID over serial would be worth the pain.