D1 Mini

Hi everyone

Hope I’m at the right place, forgive me if I’m not as really frustrated with the D1 mini.

While inside my home it runs fine for over 30 minutes but the moment it’s taken outside where I need to use it, it starts and stops. There isn’t a set amount of time it starts for or stops for, it keeps changing.
The code I have on it hasn’t changed at all.

Once this started I gave it a couple of days constantly messing around before trying a reset then reinstalled the code but still the problem persist.

Hope somebody can relieve my pain.

Thank you

Can you please provide a description of your project, provide your code and if any additional hardware is involved a schematic diagram.

For the latter two, please read https://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=148850.0

I assume that you use the wifi functionality of the board; be aware that there are distance limits and they are affected by e.g. brick walls,

Your description is too vague, not to mention the lack of code.

I currently have 3 D1 Minis in permanent use, one outside and 2 inside, all communicating with a different ESP8266 based board via my WiFi network without difficulty.

How many wireless access points do you have?
If more than 1 do they all have the same SSID and PSK?

Something I have found is that if I move a D1 Mini between my 2 access points the handover is not reliable. I discussed this with a friend who knows a lot more about WiFi than I ever will and he was not surprised. As for a solution, if anyone has one...

The range of WiFi can be as little as 20m or so with walls in the way, is this your problem?