D1307 RTC supply question.

I'm trying to replace the 5v pin arduino with external supply to power the VCC on the D1307 RTC , but i wonder what current should i send, i tried with a 220 OHM but it didnt work (5V/220 = 22,7 mA) .

Any help would be appreciated.

Why are you not supplying it with 5V directly, per page 2 of its datasheet?

DS1307.pdf (141 KB)

I've tried , i'm using this powersupply on a breadboard. But it doesn´t work.


I feel dumb.

Post a photo and/or diagram.

it works when i supply with 5V arduino but it doesnt with the power supply on protoboard.

DS1307 -------------- ARDUINO----------------PowerSupply

SCL ---------------- SCL
SDA --------------- SDA
GND ---------------------- (-)
VCC --------------------- (+)

Grounds also have to be connected.

Thank you. it works.