D6T44l06 not working with wire library

hello I am working on d6t4406 on uno with wire library the code I am using is general for testing basic communication but the
Wire.endTransmission() returns 2 don't know where is the problem checked everything. I used the code similiar to as gien on http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=199482.0.

It means that you are not communicating with the sensor. Either the I2C bus is not working or the sensor is not working.

Create a new sketch and copy the i2c_scanner sketch in it. Let it run, and check the wires until the address is found.

You could attach a photo, so we can have a look at the wiring.

thanks peter, it worked I used the i2c scanner and it said no i2c device found and then I checked my connections and it was one of the loose connector which was not working.

Nice. That i2c_scanner is very helpful :slight_smile: