DA299-H8 Help

I recently acquired (for free) a DA299-H8 stepper. This is an 8 wire stepper motor, and its a pretty good sized motor. I found a page that shows how to wire an 8 wire as at 4 wire bipolar stepper, but its not for this motor even though the wire colors match. (http://www.linengineering.com/resources/wiring-connections/).

So I configured it in series and tested resistance. Each coil measures about 3.8 ohms. There are definitely 4 coils based on my continuity test. The resistance in the two coils after the series jumper is in place is around 8-9 ohms. So everything seems in order.

So I tried to test it as a bipolar motor by applying 9V to each of the new coils (4 from 8 connected in series) as I do for most of the steppers I get without datasheets based on this Youtube video (Stepper Motor Basics - 6 Wires Unipolar / Bipolar Motor - YouTube) The result is nothing. No clicks, no movement, nothing. So I am at a loss.

If anyone has any suggestions on how to test this motor/get it running I would appreciate any inputs. I guess I could have the coils connected wrong. I could try the 16 different combinations of connections and I will if that is necessary. No I don't have an O-Scope.

Thanks for any help anyone might be able to provide.