DAC controller and preamp

Yeah, I'm not sure what you were thinking, but thanks for the triple post.

Fantastic realisation of a preamp & wonderful finish, glt.
Well done - I only hope I can reach such a fine finish & ergonomic!

Edit: I see some others are heading down this road also: http://www.arduino.cc/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1241706721 -you've cleared the pathway for us & given the inspiration!

Thank You!

Is that a recycled hard disk with a knob attached? Using the hard disk motor as a spinner control?

Anachrocomputer, unfortunately is not the motor/spindle. It would have been nice to use the moter as the quality and feel is superb. I did some research in the web and some people have done it, but it works reliably only if you spin it fairly quickly and you have to add some circuitry to boost and filter the signal. That is the easy part, but turning it at high speed is kind of unnatural for volume control. But the casing is a recycled HD... Very nice aluminum parts...

Jkeny, Thanks! I wanted to post it in the DIY case thread in the Head-Fi forum but after looking at those jobs, I shied away. But it is the best I can do with hand tools. After you figure out the lack of precision with hand tools you learn some tricks like drilling the holes bigger than they should... :slight_smile:

OK, you can use the Hall-effect sensors in CD motors to make a slow-speed spinner control, but most hard disk motors do not have those sensors (they rely on the signal from the head as a speed servo).

Fantastic job :slight_smile: I'm actually planning something similar myself, so I'm very interested in the details.

Yes, all the details here: hifiduino.blogspot.com Let me know if you can improve my code

Without The LCD and the Wood be Metal, And GREEN and Stick A Green Horn on it[the cap], kinda looks like the thunderbolt1000t except glassport's is yellow =\

Thanks!, but what is a thunderbolt 1000t?

It's an air raid / tornado siren. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thunderbolt_siren

He means that if you used metal instead of wood, didn't use an LCD, painted it, took off the knob, and added a giant horn, it would look like an air raid siren.

So basically changing every single thing about your device except for the fact it's shaped like a box.

Another useless comment.

Love the "case"!

Looks like a web4robots LCD. How did you like working with it?

Thanks!. Yes, it is a web4robot LCD. It was very easy to program, there is a guy who developed a library for it and that made it very easy. I'm using it in i2c interface so there is only two signal wires, power and gnd. I tried the bar graph stuff and there are some bugs. Another user said there were some bugs with the keyboard interface. But there is a new version of the firmware (mine is 1.3, new is 1.4) which should fix the bugs and increase the speed. In the library, there is a default delay for text and commands (I think 4 ms and 50 ms), I change the default to 0,0 and it still works in my code.